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A blind instructor for the blind

Outside a cafe in Llandudno town centre, Alex Sansome from Caernarfon waits, bucket in hand, for passers-by to contribute to his charity. As the president of the Disabled Sailors Society, he’s been following this routine, over 20 hours per week, in towns across North Wales for seven years. Despite his experience, Alex doesn’t seek out donors. … Continue reading A blind instructor for the blind

Gill: Douglas Carswell a Tory “entryist”

Nathan Gill MEP, former UKIP Wales leader, has called defector Douglas Carswell an “entryist” who formed an “unholy alliance” with current UKIP Wales leader Neil Hamilton. Asked whether he thought Douglas Carswell was commissioned by the Tories to join UKIP, Gill said: “Possibly. Or, he was working independently. If he gets a peerage, the answer … Continue reading Gill: Douglas Carswell a Tory “entryist”

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